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Want to slash the your home-loan by using your savings to reduce the principal amount owing, then an offset account facility could be for you. To find out more about different types of home loans contact the Mortgage Industry Association.

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Managing Your Money

August 20, 2010

As soon as you start working, it is important that you immediately start managing your money. There are five important factors necessary that you will need to start saving money: your bank account, your tax file number, your super fund, your savings and your insurance. Your employer will request your bank account details to deposit […]

Basics of home loans: What borrowers should be aware of

May 7, 2010

When you want to purchase a house but cannot afford it from your own resource, you can obtain a mortgage. Home loan helps you fulfill your dream of having your own house.

Basics of Car Loans

November 2, 2009

It is really difficult to buy a new car without taking out auto loans. Therefore, if you are trying to buy a new car, then you know about the basics of auto loan.